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11+ Mock Exams For Southend, Leigh on Sea, Basildon and surrounding areas




The 11 Plus mock exams for Southend and Chelmsford will for now be held online but it will still offer your child a good experience in how to prepare not just academically but mentally for the exam as the 11+ for most is their first proper exam that they have ever taken. If my instructions are followed by the parents and the students taking the exams then apart from the venue (your home or wherever you want to take them) will still give them similar conditions to the real thing.


I still expect students to take the papers under strict like exam papers. I will send out your child’s exam papers in the post marked “private” and ask that you only open them and give them to your child just before the exam starts and like the real thing I will be monitoring them online and I do expect them to be quiet and with your help I also don’t expect them to cheat as they will only be cheating themselves.


So not much has changed since we went online – I myself have gone online with all my tutoring lessons and not seen any big downsides to it but have found my students have experienced some unexpected upsides to it and I think so will your child. Plus you don’t have to drive miles out of your way to get to one of our examination centres as before.


Exams will be held under strict exam like conditions. This is to help your child feel more at ease when it comes to the all important day of their exams. Not only does it help them deal better with any stress or anxiety they feel before a big exam but it helps them to improve on their exam technique, so they are answering questions quicker and in a more methodical experience.

Feedback:About a week later you and your child will receive a report on their mock exams and this will include: raw scores and percentages. You will also get your child’s exam papers back so that you can see the areas they did well on and the ones they need to improve on. Going forward we can offer revision sessions (which will for now be held online), extra one to one tuition and of course more mock exams.


Why Choose us?


The exam papers have been written by myself with the help of a retired exam marker. Not only do I have many years experience in teaching and tutoring students but I also have been doing mock exams and booster sessions for the last few years to great success.


I myself have marked and invigilated exams for schools and universities which means I can give you a better and more relevant feedback on your mock exam results than elsewhere.


The exam papers are styled on actual real past CSSE papers so your child won’t be doing a paper they might have already done at home or school.


We will also be offering extra mock exams in the near future. As they are all originally produced exam papers your child won’t do the same exam paper each time a mock exam is taken.


The CSSE style exam I offer is used to help gain entry to the following schools:


Westcliff High Schools, Southend High Schools, Shoeburyness High School (Grammar Stream), St Bernard’s & St Thomas More High School (Grammar Streams), King Edward VI Grammar School, Colchester County High School for Girls and Colchester Royal Grammar School.


Length of Mock Exams:


English Paper (70 mins)

Break for refreshments and a snack (20mins)

Maths Paper (60 mins)


8 mock exams are available to choose from, 5 are CSSE papers and 3 are CEM papers:

All 8 Mock Exam Papers are all different and not available anywhere else.


Please make sure your child in online 15 minutes early for the start of each exam.

PAPER A CSSE Friday 3rd July 2020 10am to 12.30pm

PAPER B CSSE – SUNDAY 5th July 2020 10am to 12.30pm

PAPER A CEM – SUNDAY 5th July 2020 2pm to 4pm

PAPER C CSSE – Wednesday 29th July 2020 10am to 12.30pm

PAPER B CEM – Friday 31th July 2020 10am to 12.30pm

PAPER D CSSE – Wednesday 19th August 2020 10am to 12.30pm

PAPER E CSSE – Saturday 5th September 2020 10am to 12.30pm

PAPER C CEM – Saturday 5th September 2020 2pm to 4pm


Price: Each Mock Exam costs £40 and is payable in advance. No refunds given unless at least 7 days notice is given.


Payment forms accepted: Credit, Debit or American Express cards, Paypal or cash.


Please note there is a £1.61 processing fee. If you wish to avoid this please pay cash or by paypal to whitej32@hotmail.com using the friends and family option and please let me know which papers you are taking.



Please Select CSSE or CEM Paper Being Taken

If you have any questions about the mock exams or anything else please don’t hesitate to either call/text 07821 437 200 or email info@jacqueline-white.co.uk

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